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The historian who speaks of cause, and not of causes, should be fired immediately.

To write honestly for the rest, one must write fundamentally for oneself.

Every strict classification of an historical event distorts it.

Educating the individual consists in teaching him to distrust the ideas that occur to him.

It is not to increasing our knowledge to which we may aspire, but to documenting our ignorance.

When the dust raised by the great events of modern history settles, the mediocrity of the protagonists leaves the historian dumbfounded.

History clearly demonstrates that governing is a task that exceeds man’s ability.

Reason, truth, justice, tend not to be man’s goals, but the names he gives to his goals.

History shows that man’s good ideas are accidental and his mistakes methodical.

Contemporary man admires only hysterical texts.

The peddlers of cultural objects would not be annoying if they did not sell them with the rhetoric of an apostle.

The fragments of the past that survive embarrass the modern landscape in which they stand out.

Only the defeated come to possess sound ideas about the nature of things.

Museums are the tourist’s punishment.

No writer has ever been born who did not write too much.
- Nicolás Gómez Dávila