That's entertainment (OT)

Seen this evening on "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?" A fascinating show if you can hack it.

Host: For $25,000, Budapest is the capital of which European country?

Contestant: This may sound stupid but I thought Europe was a country.

Host: No, (repeats question).

Contestant: Wait a minute, I know they speak French there. But isn't France a country?

Host: (Tries to be helpful)

(Lots of back and forth)

Host: And the answer is, HUNGARY!

Contestant: Hungry? I never heard of Hungry! I've heard of Turkey.

Note: Private Eye used to round up game show contestant answers in a column called "Dumb Britain." Would be worth doing that stateside. Here are some choice selections from the column read in a revue of six minutes.

And from issue 1333:

Perfection, BBC1
Nick Knowles: Tennessee Williams wrote Death of a Salesman. True or false?
Contestant: False. I have a lot of his records, but I can’t remember him singing that one.

The Chase, ITV
Bradley Walsh: In the Bible, Noah’s three sons are called Japheth, Shem and… what? Ham, Lamb or Spam?
Contestant: Lamb.
Walsh: The correct answer is Ham.
Contestant: Who’d call their son Ham?

BBC Radio Merseyside
Presenter: Name an instrument which can be found hanging on the wall in many households.
Caller: A piano.