McClellan Rangers - hell yes!

The aspersions cast on the historic origins of the term "McClellan Rangers" here and there have been answered by the Pennsylvania re-enactors themselves:
When first formed the regiment had neither number nor company letters. The regimental number, as you know, would be assigned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; until then the regiment took the name of the 'Ringgold Regiment.' As men arrived at Camp Lacey in Doylestown, PA they were placed in companies that were named, rather than lettered. The company commanded by William Warren Marple became Company C. The name of that company prior to the receipt of its letter was 'McClellan Rangers.' Therefore, we became the McClellan Rangers Reenactment Association.

Thus our name is a historical name. We required no display of intestinal fortitude to select that name. Nor do we have to spend inordinate amounts of time explaining our choice of name.

The reference source for the company name is Anonymous. 1861, Sept. 24. "Affairs at Camp Lacey." Bucks County Intelligencer. That newspaper article was retrieved at the Spruance Library of the Bucks County Historical Society, Doylestown, PA.