“Livin' on jack and queens” - thrilling conclusion

We now test the Maverick screenwriters' (episode, "Gun Shy") possible need for Civil War consultants, as promised. Research has been supplied by the Civil War historical consulting firm of Hasty & Slovenly.

Issue #1: The matter of John Brown doing a mass killing in Kansas as opposed to Missouri.

Hasty & Slovenly: "Brown and seven of his followers ... brutally murdered and mutilated five pro-slavery men near Dutch Henry's Crossing on Pottawatomie Creek in Franklin County[Kansas]." (Link)

Issue # 2: Union military operations against Rebels in Kansas in 1863.

Hasty & Slovenly: Pursuit of Quantrill, after the sack of Lawrence of course.

Issue # 3: Were any rebel units permanently or temporarily based in KS?

Hasty & Slovenly: Probably not, though more research needs to be done.

Issue # 4: Did Confederates back any of their paper with redemption promises against gold?

Hasty & Slovenly: Occasionally. We found a redemption pledge similar to the one in the episode: "Redeemable in Gold within Six Months after the Raising of the Blockade of our Coast."

Gentlemen, your conclusion?

Hasty & Slovenly: Maverick's scriptwriters did not need Civil War history consultants.