Meet the Beatles

That sound you hear in the background is me shrieking like a teenage girl.

From the particular:

Mark (Neely): ... it is worth recovering the Democratic viewpoint on military strategy in the summer of 1864, for it reveals the fallacy of thinking of the Civil War as "modern," of thinking of the press as modernizing in its effect, and of thinking of the Republicans as modernizers.

Don (Connelly): In Missouri in the spring of 1861, Lieutenant John M. Schofield, in aligning himself with Captain Nathaniel Lyon and Congressman Frank Blair Jr., became a supporting player in the extralegal mustering of federal troops, the arrest of the lawful state militia, the ouster of the military department commander, and the overthrow of the elected governor of Missouri.

To the universal:

Joe (Harsh): When historians pretend to the status of "know-it-all," they are heirs to the armchair generalship of the editors [Robert E.] Lee lampooned. Historical participants knew many things that can never be learned after the fact.

Russ (Beatie): ... the best insights into the military questions [of the ACW] came then and come now from the amateurs who abound in the field.

Is The Man listening?