Civil War Talk Radio has moved

Dr. Gerald Prokopowicz's fine Civil War Talk Radio has moved to a new location. It looks to me as if they are still building it out. Here is a press release:

Civil War Talk Radio is alive and well. Its new address is:


The parent organization of CWTR, World Talk Radio, was recently sold to another company which implemented massive changes, including the removal of the websites for WTR and all of its shows. The Civil War Talk Radio website, among many others, disappeared without warning to anyone (including me). All old links to CWTR throughout the web are now obsolete.

The good news is that the show is still there, and once again has its own address. Go to:


Whatever is currently playing on World Talk Radio will automatically start, which is annoying, but you can of course turn it off (or leave it on to learn about paragliding or trading commodity futures). While you're there, you have the option of clicking the "Download to Desktop" button which will put a shortcut to the show page on your desktop.

From the show page, you can access the archived shows, at least back to Jan 2007. I am told the rest will be back up at some point.

Thanks to all who have inquired about the show, and to all past, present, and future listeners.