Roundup! Roundup! (Shame! Shame!)

One should be horsewhipped for writing something as lame as a roundup. Remind me to criticize others for such a breach of good taste and lively blogging in the future. Now, standby while I clear my conscience. Ready! Indulge me, please.

Nick Kurtz has started a Civil War blog themed to battlefield wanderings. I promise to interact with his Ball's Bluff post especially. I have "issues" with that battlefield as laid out. Hope to work them out with A Little Short of Boats, a book published by Eric Wittenberg's Ironclad Publishing.

Kevin Levin trusted his instincts
on Edward Bonekemper. Salut! Please see this review of mine of his first book. His errors then inspired little confidence.

Thanks to Mark Grimsley for a kudo that seems to imply some sort of ball is in my court (e.g., to name thinking bloggers of my own?). Anyway you can't go wrong thanking Mark G. on whatever excuse.

Joshua Blair: may I suggest you commit to blogging? April 15 is long past and does not cut it here in the hyper-active world of Civil War posting.

Jenny Goellnitz continues what I hope is a McClellanist effort (i.e., an inexorable, brilliant, inspired effort) against Hodgkin's Disease. She has an AP Hill site, too, because she likes nebulous, as do we all.

Jim Beeghley is using blogs to teach the ACW! He's got an inclination towards Clara Barton. I'm a Dorothea Dix fan myself.

I have watched Brooks Simpson grapple with the issue of Grant's drinking for about 10 years. As an historian, his attitude is perfect.

On a personal note: the email system I used to use has been "upgraded" with no prior emails carried forward. I have lost contact with almost everyone. Write to me at delta romeo oscar tango oscar victor at gmail dot com.