New Civil War blogs

There have been more than a few Civil War blogs rolled out recently, so forgive the dreaded "roundup" approach as I try to clear some backlogged info.

Nick Kurtz has launched Battlefield Wanderings, a very active two-month old blog with near daily postings. The blog started off with a strong touring focus. It's hard to characterize the newer content exactly - maybe "analytic recapitulations" will do.

Rea Andrew Redd is picking up the posting pace at a blog started in 2005 called Civil War Librarian. This is ACW books and media oriented and a little bit confusing in the voice department. Some entries are in Rea's voice, some are cut and paste press releases or reviews. The site has gone from 12 posts in 2006 to 45 so far this year.

Curtis Allen in his Johnston's Army is laying up posts like fine wines: he's got two up this year and both feature data about Albert Sydney ... pure information ... no opinions. May not satisfy the bloggy appetite without some extra flavor, I fear.

Samuel P. Wheeler is studying for his doctorate at Southern Illinois University, a stronghold of Lincoln publishing. Is he a student of Burlingame, I wonder? His blog Lincoln Studies has postings going back to February and - this is different - the blog hosts a discussion board (see here).

Another blog with a forum is Maine Militia set up by Michael P. Johnson Jr. There was one post (a news comment) in July last year. Then, on Sunday May 27, 2007 another post appeared. And now another. Three in less than one year! This could be a clearinghouse for a group of re-enactors and not intended for the ACW public.