Commanding Lincoln's Navy

If you cannot get past the title of a book, it's a good hint that much more aggravation is in store. If the author is Stephen Taaffe, that's yet another solid indicator.

I cannot get past the idea of "Commanding Lincoln's Navy." Anyone even reasonably well read in this field is entitled to debate whether it was Fox's Navy or Welles' Navy. Lincoln does not even remotely enter into the picture.

I'm shouting. I must be aggravated.

One of the best bits of Welles' diary is where he ruminates about flag officer selection and the difference between the Army and Navy. He says that if Stanton emulated his and Fox's care and effort in selecting senior officers, the war would be on another footing altogether. Stanton's neglect of officer development and selection marks him as a failed secretary, in Welles' eyes.

This is another way of saying that the Navy made its own successes; other observers noted how Lincoln left Welles be.

The author of this book owes a great deal of explanation for its title. On the other hand,
I’ve got kids in private school, so anyone who can beg, borrow, or steal the requisite cash ought to own Commanding Lincoln’s Navy.
Brilliantly motivating little speech. Who can doubt there will be much here for scholars?