New book blogs

Our friends at Savas Beatie advised us of three new book blogs:

James A. Morgan III offers A Little Short of Boats. Morgan wrote this very good book of the same name about Balls Bluff for Eric Wittenberg's press way back. This is a revised edition which suggests new and improved. Not sure what could have been improved other than the author's attitude towards GBM. Oh wait - maybe the author's attitude toward "Cap" Beatie! (But that's not in the book.) A good author meets up with a good publisher - what's not to like? Morgan has opinions and I hope he airs them. that's what blogs are for.

Bill Morgan blogs on ACW sites in NYC. The random stroller with Gotham experience will attest that the number of NYC ACW sites and monuments are such that it is inevitable that the low-information walker will eventually be confronted by a monument that evokes a loud "huh"?

Lance Herdegen has cranked up an Iron Brigade blog, which topic has the makings of "forever."

I think the risk in author blogs is that by the time they take up their HTML toolkits, they are exhausted (topic-wise) and in poor condition to pursue the book's subject.

That's not a fact, just a concern.