"New writing" from James McPherson

In the very latest New York Review of Books, James McPherson reviews A Wicked War by Amy Greenberg. As with all of his reviews, he spends 95% of his ink recounting events, in this case the Mexican War.

His historical insights and literary techniques seem as sharp as ever:
... the issue of slavery in this new American territory [Texas] set in motion a series of events ...
- James McPherson, NYRB, February 7, 2013
... but the annexation of Texas set in motion of series of events ...
- Michael Kazin, Rebecca Edwards, Adam Rothman, 2011, The Concise Princeton Encyclopedia of American Political History- Page 490
... it resulted in the greatest land acquisitions in American history and set in motion the chain of events leading directly to the Civil War.
- Historian magazine, blurbed review of The Presidency of James K. Polk, 1987
... the process leading to the annexation of Texas and the state joining the Union set in motion a train of events causing the Civil War.
- Joseph G. Dawson in The Journal of Military History, 2007