Blog notes

A good historiography blog has been operating for some time - I just found it - and this one has military overtones: Irregular Analyses. Thanks to their blog team member Anthony Cormack for the kind words.

Irregular Analysis has some interesting links on its pages. One is to "Making a military historian" by T.C. Jones. I like his style: see especially, "David McCullough and why Academics hate military history." He writes that "McCullough’s work distills American history into a page turning dramatic novel. Although this makes for good reading, it also makes for terrible history." May the sun shine warm upon your face my friend.

Via Irregular Analyses, I noticed that Mark Grimsley had been experimenting with a Civil War blog - missed that - but he has folded that project into his main diary. Another blog retirement seems to grip our friends at Journeying West Before 1840.

A tip of the hat to newly minted law school graduate Chris Cross for recommending my weekend post to his readers. Sorry his Judge Advocate General Corps appointment did not work out. I would have hated the appointment for myself and think he actually lucked out.

And in other bloggy news, I myself will be pulling month-long guest stints in June at Darren Rowse's Personal Finance and his Search Engine Optimization Tips during his summer vacation. I'll bring the ruminative style with me but there will be little ACW content. I'm not sure who will be running his ProBlogger, but it is well worth looking at anytime if you blog or are thinking of doing so.

None of this guesting will affect the frequency of posting here, at Civil War Bookshelf.