The ugly truth behind heritage tourism

The naked truth is ugly.

Meet Lynn Minges, the executive director of the N.C. Division of Tourism: she's interested in developing Civil War interest in Goldsboro, NC. Lynn is one plain-talking political functionary:

"When tourism does well, dry cleaners do well," she said.
The history of your town, your state, your forefathers comes down to that. And this, too (my emphasis):

"Every day, visitors spend $33 million in North Carolina, and then they go away. We don't have to educate their kids. We don't have to take care of them."
To anyone whose ancestors built this place and bled for it - spend and get out. To anyone interested in ACW sites: bring your dirty laundy. Come visit, we specialize in history for suckers. North Carolina: taking you for all you are worth .

Minges may be saying what her colleagues everywhere are thinking - for that we thank her.