Harsh rumors

Mitch Hagmaier has finished Joseph Harsh's Taken at the Flood and has some insights.

Mitch is wondering how close we are to the next book in Harsh's series. Or as one Col. Len Fullenkamp explained in a fine review,
This, one hopes, is a promise of things to come, for Harsh has much yet to say about the Antietam campaign. Among the later volumes planned for this series is a similarly detailed study of McClellan's generalship from the spring of 1861 through August 1862; the generalship of McClellan in the Maryland Campaign; and a grand-tactical and tactical study of Federal and Confederate generalship at the Battle of Antietam.
Rumor has it that there will not be follow-up volumes by Harsh; the best outcome seems to be that one of his students may finish one or more of these projects for him.

If the rumor is true, this constitutes a minor disaster in the revision of Civil War history.