Friday housekeeping

Some points of administrative interest.

(1) You can link to any post directly by clicking on its datestamp (at the bottom). Click on that and the post comes up in its own window with its own unique URL, which can be cut from the address line and pasted anywhere.

(2) This blog runs Mon - Fri. If nothing has been posted on a weekday, check into http://cwbn.blogthing.com. That's our emergency broadcast system.

(3) I'm a reader, you're a reader. This is a consumer site concerned with "product" quality. It's also concerned with the product quality of "public history" in its various guises.

(4) Readers who have sought me out have been impressive and supportive. However, my fear of the general Civil War readership - of getting time-wasting input from ardent story lovers - keeps my contact info off this site. There are plenty of clues around as to how to reach me if you wish to and I thank those who have taken that trouble.

(5) Being free of restricting associations and social calculations, my criticism can be overdone. I regret any unnecessary harshness. Bad history is not necessarily produced by bad people.

Thanks for visiting.