Bones and "armies of people"

I should wait for Mannie's report on this but the press is already going wild with 255 stories linked on Google News. This is the basic story from the local newspaper. This is the wire story that's repeating worldwide.

Antietam Superintendent John Howard baffles me. The local report tells us a visitor noticed bones near animal diggings and loaded them into his backpack for transport to the visitor center (he then left the park without telling or showing exactly where the bones were found).
"He did everything right," Superintendent John Howard said. "He drove right to the Visitor Center with the bones."
What if I told you he did everything wrong?

In the AP report, Howard explains why bones would be found on a battlefield:
"These armies were made up of people, of men who fought here," Howard said.
He forgot to add, "People contain bones."