The news

Break's over: news is backlogged.

ALPLM attendance is down again. The hundreds of thousands have declined year-on-year from 5 to 4 to 3. If you discount the busloads of school kids, then what?

If I understand this article correctly, the Inauguration Committee is going to allow a grand total of one ACW re-enactor into the festivities.

The Wilderness Wal-Mart struggle continues with a piece that tries to explain the significance and status of the commercially zoned parcel.

Ever happen to you? You get a call from a dealer interested in selling you ACW stuff you already own - or you thought you owned. Whoops.

A certain county, custodian for an ACW battlefield, hopes you and your historical society will come and build monuments all over that battlefield. Great idea, huh?

Professor E. Ayers and the University of Richmond plan to kick off the Civil War Sesquicentennial with what is billed as its first official event in April. As this year marks the sesquicentennial of 1859, we stroke our beards perplexed before concluding that sesquicentennialism might best be left to the mathematics department.