A major new Lincoln scholar emerges

James "Concentration in Time" McPherson, having expropriated Clausewitz, Jones, et al to his own name, now turns his attention to recapitulating the insights of Lincoln scholars in his modestly titled new book Abraham Lincoln. I call it a book but it runs just 96 pages, including bibliographic essay.

Daniel Sauerwien says, with inadvertant humor, "The reputation of James McPherson as a scholar lends great weight to the legitimacy of this biography." Put that on the jacket! BTW, Daniel's may be the biggest review this tome has gotten, or am I looking in the wrong places? (See here and here.)

Lincoln authors, having given Goodwin a free pass, now owe us a serious critical review of McPherson's book, i.e., a bibliographic essay of their own. Of course, I'm not holding my breath.