Chess rules of thumb on the ACW battlefield

American Grandmaster Lev Alburt published a book of chess rules of thumb last year. The fans hate it (see reviews on the linked Amazon page), but it seems, at times, to be speaking to ACW generals. See for yourself:

#5 Re-evaluate after exchanges - unknown
"Any exchange requires re-evaluation of the game."
Shiloh, day 2?

#14 Exploit temporary advantages immediately - Kotov
Get there first with the most - Forrest.

# 26 Accumulate advantages - unknown
Vicksburg, the final phases.

# 28 Play where your strength is - unknown
Moving the Rebel capital to Virginia.

# 64 You don't have to be perfect to win - unknown
Earl Van Dorn

# 68 Try to answer threats by combining defense with counterattack - unknown
Robert. E. Lee

# 70 Tactics flow from a superior position - Fischer
The Battle of Franklin

# 105 Don't launch premature attacks - unknown
Hooker at Williamsburg

#195 Position comes first, material next - unknown
Lee at Antietam

# 228 Find a plan ... don't just make moves
Pope in Northern Virginia

# 237 Some part of a mistake is always correct - Tartakower
Banks at Cedar Mountain

# 297 The threat is [always] stronger than the execution - Nimzovich
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