Cow, icon. Lincoln, icon. Art, art.

The confusion between artisan processes and public art was never so pronounced as in that pathetic paint-your-own-cow show.

To add another layer of pathos, try importing this big-city art event idea into your little town. Then, switch out the cows for Lincoln.

The "Abe on Parade" public art exhibit [in Springfield] is scheduled to run from April 2005 to September 2005. "Imagine a Picasso Abe or a Monet Abe?" reads promotional material for Abe on Parade. "Consider an Abe decorated with flowers for a floral business? Maybe your bank could cover him with pennies?"
Businesses may display the decorated Abes inside or outside their doors. Schultz also plans to have a map printed that will give the locations for each of the statues.

Springfield is the town that breaks all the barriers in heritage tourism. Hat tip to these folks.