Maxwell to discuss Last Full Measure

... among other things. This is a PSA for ACW movie buffs able to visit Waterford, Virginia. According to a press release posted on the unmoderated Usenet Civil War newsgroup, "Noted filmmaker Ronald F. Maxwell will be the guest speaker on Sunday, October 17 at 4pm at the Old School in Waterford, VA." Although this is part of the Waterford Foundation's George Bentley Lecture Series, there is no mention of it on the Waterford site.

Excerpt from PR:
Maxwell is currently working on two film projects: Joan of Arc and The Last Full Measure, both of which he is producing and directing, and for which he has also written the screenplays, The latter will follow all the characters from Gettysburg and 'Gods and Generals' from July 1863 to April 1865. Newly added characters will include U.S. Grant, Sheridan and Sherman.

The release itself is here.