Johnny Nuance - Antietam veteran

Johnny Nuance is a western peacemaker whose Antietam experience comes in mighty handy:

I learned to play poker the same time I learned how to fight - back in Antietam. The memories are seared, seared into my memory… me and my band of brothers were taking a clandestine canoe mission up Cripple Creek for a showdown with Johnny Reb, when…

Cripple Creek, eh? This "TV scriptwriter" needs to hit the books some more.

You don’t have to tell me about friendship, Pierre. I learned the meaning of friendship back in Antietam, from my beloved band of brothers. They know the real truth, that my medals are real, that I was unjustly branded by the Ironclad Veterans For Truth, that I…

Depending on your politics, you might find this funny.