A living cycloramic blogorama

What a delightful morning to tour Antietam Battlefield. Eric Wittenberg and J.D. Petruzzi stopped by en route to Ohio and no less than Manny Gentile gave us our tour in perfect summer weather. It was totally blogadelic. In fact, Eric said Jenny Goellnitz might have been there had it not been for pneumonia (get weller Jenny). My camera batteries died in the heat, so check J.D.'s and Eric's sites for photos.

I dislike tours and have issues with public history and yet Manny did a great job. He gave me a framework for exploring the battlefield on my own - something I have not done in the last few years I've lived here because I find the terrain overwhelming and the park layout baffling. Nor had I known that all the farming going on the battlefield is done at the pleasure of the Park Service (tresspass away, dear visitor).

Eric showed me his favorite monument - McKinley bringing hot coffee to the troops at Antietam (shown right). It's the biggest combat service support monument I've ever seen. Manny said people leave coffee cups there.

Ah, the droll wit of the battlefield tourist...

J.D. and Eric walked me around Burnside Bridge. Fascinating that the Rebel rifle pits are still there and that a contemporary tree next to the bridge during the fight - I make it a sycamore - has now reached maturity.

Given the number of (higher quality) visitors and residents I suggested we have some sort of annual blogger/webmaster ACW get-together hereabouts.

Any takers?

p.s. (6/26) Eric says "yes" in this photo-rich posting.