Maneuvers at Resaca

Some time has been spent on this blog decrying the avarice in Georgia's tourism culture. Readers will recall that against the background of an obscene revelling in projected tourism spending during the Sesquicentennial, very little value has been promised future tourists.

One of the few vague allusions to value included maybe, possibly, fixing up Resaca battlefield in time for the 150-year anniversary of the Civil War. The talk had to be vague - there was no money allocated and (if I understand the situation) no plans approved.

The news from Georgia recently has been what you would expect from previous news reports. Funding to build facilities at Resaca was cut from the 2008 budget by the state legislature.

Was the tourism marketing budget also cut? Perhaps not. You don't need steak as long as you can sell the sizzle.

The governor of Georgia has an interest in creating something besides Civil War t-shirts, it seems. The news on Tuesday was that
... when Perdue signed the 2008 budget, he authorized the Department of Economic Development to spend the $2.5 million earmarked for the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center “for the continued development of the Resaca Battlefield project or other priorities in accordance with the purpose of the Tourism program.”
Can he do that? In any case note that "Perdue had initially asked for $5 million in the supplemental budget for the project..." He asked for $5 million, got nothing, and has swiped half the amount he needs.

As long as the state legislature keeps on funding art centers, Resaca may eventually get its ACW visitor facilities.