New Civil War Blogs

More have sprouted.

Blue and Gray Stew devotes itself to "tidbits and miscellany." Author John McCrea launched the site last month and says, "This site is my way of sharing some of interesting facts and trivia I read or come across."

Brent Harty, styling himself "CSA Brent," has launched 8th Missouri Cavalry CSA: "First and foremost, it is to honor my direct ancestors who fought in the 8th Missouri Cavalry, Co. B, Confederates States of America." Despite the narrow mission statement, the topics range widely.

There are two new blogs called "Civil War." This one seems to be a student's experiment... a student who likes the colors pink and purple but who can carry a thought. This one also seems to be a student project and the prose is completely experimental and borderline psychedelic - no pinks or purples needed.

Civil War Interactive continues to run its blog roundup in which I noticed My Civil War Notes authored by one "Thomas." Thomas says, "The purpose of this blog is simply to share my notes on the people, places, and events of the American Civil War I find interesting and about which I wish to know a little more."

Michael Zak runs a blog specializing in the history of the Republican Party, Grand Old Partisan. The tone is polemical but the material is interesting (takes one to know one?).