Juneteenth news

The Juneteenth news stories are pretty thin on the ground today and I'm having a hard time finding anything special worth linking to. Will check back later in the day and post again.

Update: Have been browsing the website of the National Juneteenth Holiday Campaign and there was anger about the lack of coverage last year:
America has a 2nd Independence Day, officially recognized by the Congress of the United States for many years. Officially recognized in 19 states as either a state holiday or state holiday observance, and referenced as a special day by Gubernatorial Proclamations or state legislative resolutions in many more states, Juneteenth was totally ignored by the national media again this week.
I see that this year Massachusetts has joined the roster of states observing Juneteenth and that President Bush is being portrayed as a Juneteenth boycotter and obstructionist in this release.

Even the French have a "National Day of Remembrance and Commemoration of Slavery and Its Abolition."