Baltimore's Civil War Museum to close

Baltimore's Civil War Museum is slated to close on September 1, to remain closed until an organization other than the Maryland Historical Society volunteers to shoulder the cost of running the place.

The museum seems seriously short of knick-knacks and rubber Lincolns, according to this blogger:
After reading an article in the Sun the other day saying that the Baltimore Civil War Museum and the Fells Point Maritime Museum are probably going to be closing ... Paul and I decided we should go check them out while we still had the chance.

Before going to the museums I totally expected that the Civil War museum would be much more interesting than the maritime museum. I was sorely mistaken. I probably wouldn't bother going to the civil war museum. I don't really think you're missing anything. Basically they just tell the story of the fight that occurred in Baltimore as Union troops from Massachusetts were on their way to DC and had to stop in Baltimore to change trains. Shots were fired and the first casualties of the civil war occurred. They basically just tell this story in panels along the wall with a bit more information on slavery and the Underground Railroad in Maryland. There are no artifacts or anything to look at. You might as well just stay home and read the informtion in a book or on the internet as opposed to going to the museum to stand there and read it off the wall. There is also a short video that basically just repeats everything you just read. So the maritime museum was definitely better.