"Which ACW general are you?"

Don't know who cooked this quiz up. I answered based on previous military service and current inclinations - not sure how a civilian would answer. (Hypothetically, asynchronously, and with a dash of wishful thinking?) The questions obviously play to pop lit stereotypes.

Somehow I was "scored as General James Longstreet." This means that Longstreet has some sort of obvious pop culture identity that I conform to. Wonder what it is. Lee: audacious. Grant: determined. McClellan: cautious. Longstreet: Deaf?
My top 5:

General James Longstreet - 75%
Robert E. Lee - 70%
U.S. Grant - 70%
General George McClellan - 60%
William T. Sherman - 55%

I scored least as Burnside = 15%. I am the un-Burnside.
You have to swallow a naivete pill before taking the test. If this is not intriguing summer fun, you can yourself design a better ACW test here. Tell me if you do and I'll post the link.