The ALPLM in the Bicentennial

I think that I shall never see...

It's been over 20 days since the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum appeared in any news item in this Bicentennial year.

We go to the ALPLM website and click on EVENTS for a surprise. The big February to May event is an art show featuring Don Pollack (whose painting is featured topside). Don's exhibition is offering "a conversation with painting, photography, history, and art history and includes painted landscapes, portraits, maps, and documents." Not very Lincoln-sounding.

Concurrently, a master of sticky pads will work his magic putting the Emancipator at the center of his efforts: "Using thousands of colored Post it notes, Mr. Killham will work with local volunteers to build larger than life portraits of Mr. Lincoln: one in each side of windows on the bridge that spans Jefferson Street."

Am I sensing trivialization here? Or just disorder, exhaustion, and ingnorance?

The ALPLM calendar then descends from these two artistic high points into a sparse listing of laughable trivia (tea ladies?).

For relief, you could try looking at Bicentennial Commission events. These include events such as performances of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

If these folks are not going to celebrate Lincoln, we can all safely take a pass.

Lincoln authors and scholars: you missed a great opportunity. The Bicentennial is over. Kudos, though, on maintaining excellent collegiality throughout.