April, this week

As an historical event associated with this week, Lincoln's death (April 15) is at the tipping point and may disappear. The week is taking on an entirely different significance.

April 15: Lincoln's death (1865).

April 16: Virginia Tech massacre (2007).

April 17: Lundgren cult brutally kills the Avery family (1989).

April 18: Beirut bombing of U.S. embassy (1983).

April 19: Waco (1993). Oklahoma City bombing (1995).

April 20: Columbine massacre (1999).

There is a thread that connects these events (excepting Waco): atrocity staged as drama.
"Booth immortalized himself by staging one of history's greatest dramas," Kauffman writes. "In the process, he accomplished what every actor aspires to do: he made us all wonder where the play ended and reality began."
(Lincoln in state - photo via Ron Rietveld)