Confederate Memorial Day

Someone please tell them them the difference between family heritage and political heritage:
Today is Confederate Memorial Day [in Georgia] in honor of the more than 90,000 [Georgian] men who served the Confederate States of America during the Civil War ... In honor of the Confederate Memorial Day Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has proclaimed April as Confederate History Month, according to Col. Rusty Henderson of the Georgia Civil War Commission.
Let me say this once again: Perdue is the governor of a reconstructed state with no connection to the Confederacy or slavery. We are all for Reconstruction at this point. If he wants to celebrate the CSA and/or apologize for slavery, he has to repudiate Reconstruction first. Even then, he cannot recreate the broken historical link to Georgia, CSA. This little political gesture is irrational.

The only connections in Georgia to the CSA are familial. Most Georgian residents have no Georgia background to speak of and for the few who do, from a familial perspective it would be irrational and unseemly to honor the Confederate dead in preference to their dead kin from other wars.
As to a history month of some sort, I can have no quarrel.

In other Georgian Civil War news, a man says, "General Leonidas Polk was killed in my front yard."

I would get a new front yard.

Dad: Hey, sweetheart, don't play with your dolls over there. That's General Polk's spot.