Spring is for wine

While bumbling around in some out-of-the-way Virginia wine store looking for a dry Riesling I encountered the most unusual wine find ever earlier this month. I wish I had bought it, for when shall I find such again?

It was a red - blood red, let's say. It came from the Lake Anna Winery. It was called Cold Harbor, IIRC, and had a grisly battle painting for a label. The backside label, where you normally find the name of the grape or the history of the winery had a description of the battle with no wine information.

Odd, eh? Lake Anna's web site genericizes its wine descriptions, so I can't point you to a page that proves the existence of Cold Harbor wine. But I saw it, handled it. Hmmm.
He: "Hon, I'm feeling like murder tonight, let's open up some Cold Harbor."
She: "Okay dear, but this time we'll honor flags of truce after the third glass."
Was this produced for the Cold Harbor Festival ? Weirdness squared.

p.s. Blogger Dezel has a review of the winery in question. The picture top right is from a Topps card set that rekindles the effect the label had on me.