A "Custer Week" organizer replies

From the mailbag:
This is a reply to your blog posting that insults the hard-work of the volunteers who have put together Custer Week 2007. Had you read the schedule of events at georgecuster.com you would have seen that there is much more than just this one event which you feel is only suitable for 10-year olds.

Through the week there will be talks by Civil War historians on Custer's service during that war. There are also going to be presentations about the fighting men of Michigan. Since the theme of Custer Week 2007 is a Civil War Celebration, the planned events are quite suitable.

As you probably know, our part of the country didn't see much action during the Civil War. We're more of a War of 1812 kind of town but the folks who have put this together have done a great job with what our area has to offer.

I feel that if you are a gentleman, you will remove or edit your blog posting that unfairly characterizes the Custer Celebration Committee and Monroe as shallow.

- Myranda Morgan
An event like this has to have family appeal. My core problem is that I don't know how one can make history into a family-friendly-festival without losing the history; adding in some talks just won't do it (witness the low quality of Civil War roundtable events).

Having organized a festival of my own for 11 years, apologies and regrets to your co-workers. The crack about 10-year-olds was uncalled for but neither will it discourage or encourage a single attendee. - DR