Author: Maryland was not ready for secession

I have been quoting Maryland Voices in the Civil War and the Baltimore Sun has just run an article on its author/editor Charles Mitchell.

As you have seen from the Dix material that Mitchell included in his book he has a revisionist sensibility:
Mitchell has helped to dispel the notion that Maryland was ready to secede from the Union and join the Confederate cause, which would have had major economic consequences for Baltimore."I hope this book punctures the myth that Maryland was ready for secession. Baltimore's businessmen were against it," he said.
That may be getting ahead of the influence of Maryland Voices. And we all understand that one can dispel anything with selective quotes and that a title like Maryland Voices does not provide readers with insight into what sources were excluded.

But I do have a weakness for re-looks, anytime and anywhere. I and do think it is legitimate to compile material excluded (or underweighted) into its own volume specifically to challenge the status quo - especially if it is identified as such a challenge.

p.s. It seems from this piece that we worked for the same publisher in the same office in Baltimore 2003, though I don't remember Mitchell.

p.p.s. Shown top right, the flag of the 6th Maryland Infantry.