Will there be a Sesquicentennial?

Will there be a Sesquicentennial? Should there be one? The question is now being asked.
Because of the ongoing debate over the causes and conduct of the conflict — not to mention the war's aftermath and legacy — any effort to organize some sort of national commemoration will be a political hot potato that few politicians will want to pick up. Where [federal] lawmakers usually flock to sponsor anniversary bills, only 10 representatives have signed on to sponsor a proposal to create a Civil War sesquicentennial commission.
Only 10.

And while Sesquicentennial planning lies becalmed by lack of federal interest, the mysterious (who appointed him?) head of the Sesquicentennial dithers. Have you ever seen a picture of Rick Beard? Have you ever visited his Sesquicentennial website? Received a funding solicitation from his group? And yet "Beard is President of Civil War 150: The Sesquicentennial Initiative." Why would anyone count on someone no one has ever heard of?

If you are an author or reader who believes this anniversary should be celebrated, now is the time for organizing a body for funding, coordination, and info sharing.