Google scorecard for "Rick Beard"

Top 10 results on Google when searching for the ALPLM's "Rick Beard."

(1) Ancient news story announcing the mysterion's accession.

(2) "Beard" featured in an ancient press release.

(3) A banker in Utah who does not head the ALPLM.

(4) That banker again.

(5) A repeat of (2).

(6) Amazon's listing of a book edited by the mysterion.

(7) A repeat of (6).

(8) An inaccessible nine-year-old interview with "Rick Beard."

(9) Contact details for a 25-year-old living in Steger, IL, who does not head the ALPLM. He is single and a Pisces. He does not want kids.

(10) A posting on my blog.

Top 10 results searching Google news for "Rick Beard"....

(1) "Rick Beard of the Bank of American Fork recently presented a check to American Fork for $79000..."

Nought in positions (2) - (10).